I am now selling EQUINETY, an amino acid supplement for horses! CDN $104.99


Horse Supplement

Equinety is specifically designed to enhance the life of your horse, for increasing energy, focus and endurance, strengthening your horse’s bones, collagen and muscles to improving your horse’s natural immune system. Equinety’s Horse XL patented formula customizes itself to your horses needs by adding 1 to 2 scoops mixed with your horse’s food on a daily basis. Equinety helps support the repair and regeneration of cells.

This amino acid supplement has no sugar or additives and is less expensive and has been found to be more effective than other equine amino acid supplements. This product is good for horses that have a hard time building muscle, have tight or stiff muscles, for older horses that are losing their condition and top line and is good for horses with Cushings disease. I found that my older horses coats are very shiny and they are overall less stiff than they were before Equinety. My young quarter horse has calmed down significantly since he has been receiving Equinety. 

This tub is a 90 day supply for one horse (1 scoop per day)!

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EQUINETY plus GST and delivery

C$ 104.99

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Amino Acids for horses!

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