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About Us


What We Do

I am a certified facilitator of Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning ("FEEL"). FEEL is a modality where the participant is in the centre of their own experience with the horse as teacher. I facilitate learning by providing observations and feedback.


Horses as Teachers

Horses engage in experiential learning by doing. Participants gain knowledge and acquire skills from direct experience. I have noticed that horse assisted learning effects personal changes more quickly.

My horses, Reba, Jack and Luke provide different teachings depending on the participants.


Horses Help People Reconnect to their Lives

Horses offer unconditional love and support without judgement. People often understand their own behaviour when they see it reflected from a horse. Being around horses brings feelings to the surface. The large presence of a horse allows people to confront their fears and gain more confidence and courage.


Was adopted from the New West animal shelter in 2016 and we figure he's a  Black and Tan Coonhound. He's a kind soul who loves to hang out with people during their sessions for extra support. 


Is a registered sorrel quarter horse mare in her 20s, who I adopted in 2007. She is a strong, quiet leader who inspires people to be confident and women to define their boundaries.


Is a registered sorrel quarter horse gelding  also in his 20s, who I adopted in 2016. He is well trained in many disciplines. He is playful and a joker and always puts a smile on everyones' face!


Is a young quarter horse who I adopted from Circle F Horse Rescue in August 2018. He is very sensitive to energy and has now completed his FEEL training and brings lots of heart to clients.

Leigh Hodgins

About Me

My love and passion for horses was kindled when I was five years old. My Dad took me to visit Shetland ponies belonging to his  friend, Mr. Johnson. From that day forward, horses were a part of my life. If I wasn’t dreaming of horses, I was drawing them, riding or collecting toy horses. To me, there is no other feeling in the World like spending time with horses.

As an adult, my passion for animals continued. While my career took me into the corporate world, my home was on acreage with a donkey, dogs and the horses I adopted. 

Over the years, there were some major personal changes in my life and I gradually retreated into myself. Struggling to work through my emotional pain, I withdrew from social interactions, friends and family, and shut down my emotions. It wasn’t until I started spending more time with my horses that I became grounded and started to ‘feel’ life again, with renewed mental and physical energy. I  recognized that something had shifted within me through my time with the horses. I had more empathy for people and became more social and outgoing.

Eventually I decided to take some time off work and during this time I came across the program to train to become a facilitator in FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)®, a form of equine assisted therapy. Something about this program spoke to me – an opportunity to bring my passion for horses and donkeys together to help people live their best life. Having experienced the healing wisdom of the horses directly, I felt the call to bring this gift to others. Becoming a FEEL Practitioner was a life-changing journey that allowed me to partner with my horses and fully develop my intuitive skills and compassion.

In my experience, every FEEL session is unique, connecting directly to each client’s needs. I work in partnership with my horses, Reba and Jack, who both enjoy their roles as teachers and provide amazing feedback to my clients.