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Amazing. Deep. Profound. Life Changing.

Chastity Davis

I connected with Jack and Reba today who are adopted by the incredible intuitive facilitator, Leigh Hodgins. We connected and communicated through our hearts and I was lucky to experience their medicine, magic & wisdom today. We tend to oversee their true values by just seeing them is “riding”/ racing/show animals. What they taught me today was how to be connected to source by fully staying in my heart space and by being grounded and calm in the present. They taught me to become more aware of my energy field and feel the frequencies embody each multidimensional cell of my body. They taught me teamwork and companionship in union and communion. They helped me to release and let go of the “manure” in my life and in my hearts pericardium. Their downloads keep coming and I’m truly humbled. Their wisdom is beyond time and I’ll be forever grateful to have their energies infuse with mine. Thank you horse people I’m honored to be received by you. May we all learn to be in our heart space at all times and bless the lands we walk on just like you.

Irene Abedi

I had the opportunity to take a one day FEEL equine healing workshop with Leigh and Nicole last month and was blown away by the value of this experience. The workshop was beautifully facilitated allowing each participant time with the horses, encouraging us each to go inward and connect with ourselves, and creating a safe place for us to learn what horses teach us best; how to feel, receive the message and let it go. We are low in numbers of beings on this planet that can non-judgmentally hold space for us and love us just as we are. This is what horses do and the gift of the experience the FEEL facilitators provide us - to have a re-set within ourselves and know what it feels like to be safe just to BE. To feel loved and complete exactly as we are in the moment. Thank you both for providing this profound experience.

Deb Chaney

An online search led me to Leigh's website and I felt drawn to connect with her. I am so grateful I did. Leigh was extremely generous, kind, and helped me feel at ease with the horses. She also had a keen eye and helped me see things and reflect on the experience in a way that I could not have done on my own. I am always amazed at the power of horses to give us clarity, insight, and healing. On top of that, Leigh's facilitation helped make the whole experience more insightful, heartfelt and helped me let go of things that were holding me back and see clearly my priorities moving forward. Big gratitude to Leigh and her horses! To anyone wondering what equine facilitated wellness is all about, all I can say is you really need to experience it. It's one of the most powerful wellness and healing methods I have ever experienced.

Tova Payne

I am so impressed with the beauty and grace this program offers! Being in the presence of these amazing animals is such a gift. A wonderful experience!

Christine Brain

Loving and caring environment. Ideal to go alone, in a personal journey, or with all the family. 
Reba and Jack are generous healers and Leigh is the best host ! 
Totally recommend ! 

Rosario Tate

The FEEL workshop was exactly what I needed at this time of many transformations in my life. I am leaving today feeling refreshed, supported and grateful for the teachings from the beautiful horses and facilitators.

Michaela Brain

Working with the horses and Leigh and Christine made me realize how we are all interconnected and how it is possible for these intuitive animals to sense what is happening with our energy even when we are not aware ourselves. They bring us healing at whatever level is needed.

Joan Lang

...the workshop is an emotionally spiritually powerful workshop which brought forth a new path for me to follow.

Duane Mundy